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Widow / Widower Dating
This free dating service is for widows and widowers, that have managed
to move on to the point that they are able to date again, and would like
to find someone who would understand their unique situation. This
website consists of 3 basic parts; a Yahoo group (e-mail community),
profiles and pics, and a chat room. It was created by a widower for other
widow(er)s, and it is, and always will be, 100% FREE. You MUST be a
SINGLE widow(er) to join.

Although this site has had very many success stories since it's start on 02-Aug-2007 as a dating site, some widowed people who are not ready to date just yet, join just for the support, company, and understanding of other widow(er)s. Read below what members are saying about Widow / Widower Dating:

"I'd like to welcome the new members,glad you found us. Just post a little and let us get to know you. We are a very
diverse group here and have loads of fun. And there is always someone here to pick you up when you need it. This
group has been my best therapy."

"I've joined this group sometime last November. I don't believe a day has gone by when I haven't checked in to read
the posts. The group's been a blessing for me. I hope it will for you too"

"Good to see you found the greatest place on the web. We are a crazy bunch here .In a good way. LOL....So let us
know about you and you will find out all about us. So post when you feel comfortable. Again welcome."

"You've joined a wonderful place that has helped me tremendously to share and absorb the love that these widders
have for one another."

"I would like to extend a great big welcome to all our new members. You have found a great place. We laugh together,
cry together and their will always be someone here to help you when you need it most. I sorry that you have to be
here be you could not have found a better place."

"This group has been a Godsend for me.Never have I seen such caring for each others welfare.Glad I'm here.Glad you're
here.Glad everyone's here!"

"I hate being alone and this group has helped so much to fill that deep void that I feel most of the time and don't even
realize it. I love all these guys and they are my widder family and have brought me so much strength and courage....I
just can't say enough about all of them."

"This group has helped me tremendously to go through this season in my life with patience, understanding and love.
What more could you ask for."

"sometimes we can get pretty chatty, other times we are quiet, sometimes we laugh all day long, sometimes we find
ourselves needing to be held up, or are holding others up...but what I've found is that whatever it is any one of us is
going through, there is always someone there to help us through. We'll be there for you, too, if you let us be."

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